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Are you someone who finds it hard to make time to train, or who is not seeing improvements and gains after all those long and hard sessions of cardiovascular training and lifting weights? Do you skip training days for an easy night on the couch or at the pub?

If so you need to make some adjustments to your training regime. Changes such as intensity and form will improve your training immensely. Come and get the correct guidance and knowledge from our Personal Trainers to improve yourself, and have you looking like an all new you!

Many male gym goers believe that they will gain pounds of muscle and cut body fat, by lifting heavy weights, pounding the treadmill, and eating large amounts of protein. To a degree this thought has some truths in it, but the whole process of training and diet has to be structured to be effective. Body Professionals services will help you to learn and understand the essential elements of correct training and correct nutrition so you can achieve your goals.

For a male nutrition is very important, as it could mean the difference between the body shape of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, Or the Michelin Man. Or having a "beach body" look, Or just skinny without any shape. This is due to a lot of people reading Men's fitness magazines and online articles, then thinking if I eat and drink this "magic potion" then I will have this amazing shape. Unfortunately it is down to hard work, discipline, eating the correct nutrition, resting and recovering properly.

Nutrition for a male varies due to an individuals' body type (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph), to your age, your health needs, and your lifestyle. These essential factors is something that Body Professionals will assess and provide a tailor-made and detailed nutrition plan specific to YOUR needs.

We make sure that all training sessions work you to a suitable level, are enjoyable, motivational, continually varied, progressive and goal orientated. Body Professionals provides you with the correct structure and exercise techniques to improve your health and fitness, through safe and innovative training.




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