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Ladies do you find it hard to find time to train, or feel you are getting little back for all those long training sessions you put in on X-Trainer or Treadmill? Do you tend to skip training days for ‘better thing to do’?

If so you need to make some adjustments to your training regime to make it fun and ensure you benefit from your workout. Changes such as intensity and form will improve your training immensely and make it more enjoyable. Come and get the correct guidance and knowledge from our Personal Trainers to improve yourself and make you look and feel like an all new you!

Many women feel like they need to fit into the modern-day beliefs or stereotyping of the ‘female figure’. This does not have to be the case; it is more useful to aspire to better yourself and feel comfortable with developing your body, so that you become a healthier and a fitter person. This does not need to be achieved by participating in long gruelling training sessions, or taking special diet pills, or sticking to liquid diets. It is more important to have the commitment and desire to achieve your goals, and to eat naturally and healthily, then you will have the correct formula to succeed. This is why Body Professionals gives you both the correct formula for training and correct nutrition to get you to your desired shape and fitness level.

For a female nutrition is very important, as it could mean the difference between feeling "amazing", or feeling "fat and bloated". Or having a "beach body" look, or just skinny without any shape and not filling your bikini the way you wanted. This is due to a lot of people reading Women's fitness magazines and online articles, then thinking if I eat and drink this "magic potion" or have this "skinny pill" then I will have this amazing shape. Unfortunately it is down to hard work, discipline, eating the correct nutrition, resting and recovering properly.

Nutrition for a female varies due to an individuals' body type (Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph), to your age, your health needs, and your lifestyle. These essential factors is something that Body Professionals will assess and provide a tailor-made and detailed nutrition plan specific to YOUR needs.

We make sure that all training sessions work you to a suitable level, are enjoyable, motivational, continually varied, progressive and goal orientated. Providing you with the correct structure to develop your health and fitness, through correct, safe and innovative training.




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