“I have one-to-one Personal Training from Graeme on a regular basis. He has helped me to improve my fitness levels, my stamina, improved my shape, and it has enabled me to get the physique I’ve always wanted. I have lots more energy now than before and I feel a lot happier. Not only have I seen the benefits of having Personal Training from Graeme, my friends and family are constantly commenting on how good I look now. I have been training with Graeme using kick-boxing since March, not only has this increased my fitness, but also improved my mental health allowing me to relieve built up stress from work and everyday life. Since I started training with Graeme I now have much more energy than ever before, and my fitness levels have increased dramatically. If you have the chance to train with Graeme I say give it a try.”

Andrew Cole


“Graeme has been my personal trainer for about 2-3 weeks now. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Graeme perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs & challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle, However I have called him a few names under the sun for the amount he demands from you, but without this approach I wouldn’t been achieving what I am. Thanks Graeme, keep up the good work."

Lee Fletcher


“I have been training with Graeme for the last few months now, and I have seen dramatic improvements in my shape and I have lost 6inches from my waist and I have dropped a dress size ready for my daughter's wedding. Not only do I look better, I feel a lot more energised and feel that I have more stamina when carrying out daily tasks. This is all down to the nutritional advice and guidance, and the training routines provided by Graeme. Thanks again for all your help and hard work Graeme."

Mrs S. Jones


“I used to train five days a week for one and half hours to two hours per session. I felt that I was not making any improvements and I just could not get my body fat percentage below 14% which started to make training sessions become tedious. I decided it was time to do something about it, after looking on the internet for a Personal Trainer with knowledge, experience, and array of qualifications and qualities, I chose to train with Graeme at Body Professionals.

Since I started training with Graeme I have increased my muscle tone, improved my aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels, and finally I have reduced my body fat percentage to 12%. Graeme has restructured my training routine, my eating structure and how long I actually spend in the gym. Through training with Graeme I have learnt the essentials for training, and that quality is superior to quantity. I now train five days a week for forty-five minutes to no more than one hour.

I feel a lot happier now, I feel that the training sessions help with my hectic work schedule. Furthermore the extra time I was spending in the gym training I am spending with my children.

Graeme always has something new or different to challenge me each week, this makes me feel like I am learning something new and always improving."

Mr Dave Grant


“I have been recently diagnosed with Emphysema, and I was advised by my doctor to go to a gym and to start exercising. As I did not know how to use equipment in a gym and I had not exercised vigorously for over 20 years, I decided that I need some professional help.

I was very nervous about joining a gym as I was out of condition and I had never been to a gym to exercise before. I felt a little bit intimidates at first about starting the gym.

I attained the services of Graeme, who was very helpful and always makes me feel comfortable and safe. When I started off the training I was unsure of what I could actually do with my condition, but Graeme assured me and devised a training programme for me to perform each time I go to the gym.

Since I started training with Graeme 5 months ago I have felt a lot healthier, I have started to lose weight and so far I have lost 16lbs. I have felt that my breathing has improved a lot more and I do not seem to be out of breath as much anymore. Even though I have my good and bad days with my breathing, Graeme always knows how hard to train me.

My only wish is that I started the gym 20 years ago now. I am always telling my family and friends how great Graeme is and that they need to start training with him. He always gives you that extra special touch and shows that he actually cares about you, your training and your health. Thank you for all your hard work and everything you have done for me Graeme, you a brilliant at your job."

Mrs R. Nield


"I have been training for the last 8 years at the gym and have always kept myself fit and healthy, either through running, rugby, or hill walking. For the last three years I have been competing in The Great North Run and The Great Manchester Run, but I have been unable to break my 2 hour time for The Great North Run and 1hour 18mins for The Great Manchester Run. I thought that it was now time form expert advice and training methods.

I sought out Graeme for his wide variety of sporting expertise and for the qualifications he has acquired. Since I have been training with Graeme, he has revised my training, and restructured my nutrition for my training.

At first my new training was hard, but I adapted to the short higher intense runs mixed with long runs, instead of just doing long runs all the time. This has improved my stamina immensely, and Graeme has advised me how to better my running gait, which has improved running to become more efficient.

I am very confident now and I expect to beat my PB for The Great North Run in September, then to be ready to beat my PB for The Great Manchester Run next year."

Mr John Morgan


"Graeme really does know the meaning of the word full body workout - since having PT sessions with him, I've discovered muscles I didn't know I had. Every session is thoroughly planned out and no two sessions are ever the same; which means I never get bored and always feel like I'm making progress. He offers a great right balance of encouragement and support ensuring that sessions are enjoyable as well as hard work! I'd highly recommend him for someone who has never had a trainer before (like me), as I think he offers great service, value for money and injects some fun into working out."

Catherine Bayley


"I had done the classes, I had done the gym, I had done the classes and the gym......I needed something else, something to give me a challenge, then one evening I had a chat with Graeme Williams about personal training and decided to give it a go and I'm so pleased I did and I've never looked back. I wanted a challenge and now I have one and I thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

Once Graeme knew my level of fitness he devised a six week training programme to set me on my way and I started to improve in all areas of my training. I know my weak areas and Graeme found them straight away and because of his extensive knowledge, structured my programmes to help me to improve on those areas in such a way that it didn't feel like an effort to train them.

Graeme is an excellent personal trainer setting goals that are achievable with that little extra push which he knows you have left in the tank and because of his commitment and enthusiasm I for one will always put that extra effort in. I would never use a treadmill for a run until I met Graeme but he coached me through and helped me believe that I could do it. I do run now, it may not be a marathon but it's an achievement for me and that's all thanks to Graeme.

Graeme is an inspiration, he always has a positive attitude, encouraging words, excellent advice and guidance, his qualifications speak for themselves and no matter what he always has a smile on his face."

Caroline Newberry


"I have been training with Graeme from Body Professionals now for some 2 months and can honestly say that he has shown himself to be a very able and competent trainer. Graeme can make your session as technical or a simple as you need and I have found that he can answer any questions clearly and concisely and has a comprehensive knowledge of his subject. I have had personal trainers in the past and can genuinely say that none have ever show the amount of interest in me as an individual and helped with my goals. The sessions are always achievable so you never feel that training is beyond your capacity to complete the programme and are actually good fun also. My son Andrew also trains with Graeme and we are given individual training programmes that have obviously been well thought through for our personal needs.

We are both delighted with the effort that Graeme puts into his training programmes for us and can recommend his services without any doubt whatsoever. Whether you are in your 20's like my son or in your 50's Graeme will, I know, accommodate your needs. All gyms have a number of trainers to choose from and for people new to this environment it can be daunting, I know we chose the best for us. It therefore goes without saying that we sincerely recommend Body professionals to you.

Oh, and by the way Graeme's actually a nice guy with a good sense of humour. Give him a try you won't be disappointed."

Ray Hodkinson


"I started training with Graeme Williams once every two weeks; I had been training myself and was looking for something different... more challenging and my word Graeme certainly came up with the goods.

I could instantly feel the difference and it wasn't long before I began to increase my training time with Graeme and I now train with him four times a week, and why, because I love it, because every time Graeme will introduce something new, something to challenge you, something to keep you interested. It not only helps keep me fit and active it gives me a huge amount of energy, makes me feel good about myself, helps with the daily stress of life and gives me so much more confidence.

Don't get me wrong, it's very hard work but the results are so worth every minute of that time spent with Graeme. My training and fitness level has increased and continues to improve all the time and this is because of Graeme's enthusiasm, his motivation, his immense knowledge, his experience and dedication to his profession.

Graeme is highly qualified and will work patiently with you so that you are able to overcome any fears, he will continue to support you and give you the encouragement and advise you need to accomplish your goals. His knowledge is extensive and not just about the training, Graeme can give you a vast amount of advice from nutrition to a complete life style change. Every client is different with varying needs and Graeme is completely committed to you as an individual from the planning of your session to working with you and helping to change your life style for the better.

My training with Graeme varies from mixed weights and cardio training sessions, High Intensity Interval Training, CrossFit style training sessions, to Kick-Boxing training sessions. I love each and everyone of the different training sessions as they push me to my limits each time I train. I feel that I'm at an unbelievable fitness level, which I never believed was possible until I started Personal Training sessions with Graeme.

My training has been taken to all new levels and continues to be challenging and exciting and it's all thanks to Graeme who has a positive attitude, a professional approach, total commitment, and is a complete inspiration. Graeme Williams is a true Body Professional."

Caroline Johnson


"I have been working with Graeme for about two and a half years now. My aim at the beginning of this was to decrease weight and increase overall strength, stamina and general fitness. I have an old spinal injury that has hindered me for years and as such I needed to build up core strength to mitigate the impact of this injury.

I have also worked with other trainers so can see the differences between Graeme's style and others. In short working with Graeme takes your fitness and technical abilities to a new level. He's a natural perfectionist and wants to get his clients working as correctly as possible with their technique so that they can in turn maximise their potential.

Every session with Graeme is different. That is one of the real benefits, but they are very much targeted to achieving an end goal. You won't get bored with repetition, and each session will see your development continuously improve. Without noticing you see your fitness levels increase week on week. What wasn't possible last month is now totally possible the next month.

Why should you use Graeme? Well it's pretty simple. If you want to maximise the investment you are making in yourself then you should use a trainer who is as focused as you are in helping you achieve your targets. Graeme will help you both achieve and exceed the targets you set. You will find that with his help you can do things that you thought may not have been possible. You will also start to set higher expectations for yourself. At the end of the day, it's your investment in yourself, so before you go spending your money, choose the right trainer, choose Graeme."

Patrick Byrnes


"Being an elite athlete and being part of the Great British Cycling Team from a young age I had met some great coaches, trainers, and ex-pros over the years, but I wanted to achieve something alone and pursue my greatest achievement yet of the Elite British BMX Championship Crown.

After breaking my back years before and suffering many serious injuries through competitions I knew that I had to get the right Personal Fitness Trainer to get me back to where I wanted to be. So I set out to surround myself with a team of professionals that could help me to achieve my dreams. When I started looking for a Personal Trainer I was trying to find someone that was qualified, experienced, and who had practical knowledge and understand of my sports specific needs.

I had been searching for nearly a year for someone that could increase my fitness levels, to improve my strength but without losing my agility, and that could push me past the levels I had achieved before. When I had the recommendation form a close friend about Graeme at Body Professionals, I was blown away by his understanding and knowledge of fitness and training, and what he didn't know fully about the minor things of BMX racing, he promised me that he would research and find a way for us to maximise all aspects of my training and race days.

We hit it off brilliantly, Graeme's enthusiasm to get to me to achieve fitness levels I hadn't achieved before was amazing (even though sometimes I thought he just likes to see me in pain on the floor after a session haha).

He gave me the belief and knowledge how to maximise my Vo2 Max and strength combined with discipline and focus, to win my races all over the UK, and not only did he encourage me to work hard in the gym he would come to many of my racing competitions to cheer me on to victory.

I couldn't have achieved my goals and race wins without Graeme's expert guidance and enthusiasm, he truly is an amazing Personal Trainer. He will give you all the tools to achieve your goals and help you unlock levels that you thought were impossible, so any body interested in having Personal Training I would 100% recommend Graeme as your first port of call. You will be amazed by everything he does for you."

Jacob Roberts


"I contacted Graeme for Personal Training after reading his profile and seeing his clients' transformations.

My aim was to lose weight and to get into a shape that I would be proud of and one that I would look good for on my wedding day.

Having been 22stone 6lbs when I started training with Graeme I wasn't sure if my goal of 13stone would actually be achievable. From being fit and healthy as a child, to working 14 hour days as a software analyst, junk food and little exercise changed my appearance and my mental state to a point that I knew I needed professional help before I had serious health issues.

Graeme changed the way I looked at and valued food, he gave me nutritional guidance and wrote me a healthy eating plan. Yes it was a massive change from what I was used to eating MacDonald's for breakfast and tea, and Dominos at late night binges. It took about a week to get used to the little but effective changes in my diet. But once I got used to batch cooking and preparing my food I started to understand more about the values of food and why a balanced diet can make a massive changed not only physically but mentally too. I was actually seeing changes in how I felt, I was sleeping better and I wasn't covered in as many spots anymore.

We started off training 4 days a week working on a mixture of cardio and weights. I enjoyed the various different exercises we did and I learnt how to perform each exercise correctly. Learning exercises like the barbell deadlift and clean & press were challenging but my favourite two.

I started to make some massive changes in my weight loss and my fitness levels had sky rocketed after only a few weeks of training. I couldn't believe how much I was changing in a short time, I thought that it would have taken me years to lose all the weight. I was steadily losing 2-4lbs per week throughout the first two months.

After three months of training with Graeme I had lost just over 3stone, then we started to really focus on splitting up the muscle groups and that is when I really started to see and feel the difference in my muscle strength and shape changing from fat to toned and shaped.

We are now six months in and I'm still really enjoying my training with Graeme, even though it's tough, I know that I'm heading in the right direction. This time next year I get married and I'm going to be in the best shape I will ever be due to Graeme's expert training and advice.

I can't thank you enough, you are truly a master of training!! Roll on next week's training!"

Philip Stears


"I have been training with Graeme for 6 months now. I have always gone to the gym however never enjoyed going and felt like I wasn't really improving or seeing a difference. Since training with Graeme I have seen a massive improvement in my shape and fitness, not only that but friends and family have also noticed. Graeme is always pushing me to do my best.

I am actually enjoying working out now and learning new exercises. I enjoy training with Graeme as he is always finding new exercises and making it fun and not a chore. Graeme is always there on hand if you need any help or advice with anything. I can't recommend Graeme enough. Thank you for all your help."

Laura Poultney


"I started having personal training from Graeme for over 1 and half years now, and I can't believe how far I have come with my fitness and the changes in my physique.

I have had many personal trainers before and different sports coaches from MMA, Jujitsu, Thai Boxing and many more, but I didn't realise how much I could actually push myself until I met Graeme and started training with him.

Only after the first 4 weeks had I lost 3/4 of 1 stone and lost 5 inches from around my waist. As I continued the training with Graeme he showed me how to lift weights correctly, more effectively, without causing anymore damaged to my back, which was caused from many years of incorrect training from other trainers/coaches.

I have smashed personal bests on lifting weights, improved my rowing times, running times, and my back has never felt better since I started training with Graeme.

I also found it very hard to regiment my bad eating habits with my shift-patterns at work. Late nights, early mornings, missing breakfasts or feeling bloated from just eating the wrong foods. Graeme design a healthy eating plan for me to work from, and within 3 weeks I saw a massive change in my energy levels, my sleep patterns had improved, and my weight was coming down. This made me want to push myself harder in the gym so that I could achieve even more.

So if you really are serious about changing your life and achieving your goals, then Graeme is the BEST trainer for you, I know this as I have had so many different trainers, and he is by far the BEST trainer I have ever trained with!"

Lee Riley


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